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Fast home delivery to the whole country, free with the purchase of 2 or more cases

About Us...

Nice to meet you, my name is Neried Hakek

The Hopsport story began with my personal need to find a convenient and effective solution for all those velcro wrist straps that itch and bother. After trying several different tracks I ordered from AliExpress and similar sites I realized that there is no strap that sits comfortably on the arm, without annoying velcro and buckles, so I decided to develop such a solution myself.

I designed and engineered the product in a way that would fit every arm and every type of smartphone, so there are several sizes to choose from. I chose the most suitable fabric for such a product, Dry Fit, which is used in running clothes, it is a fabric that wicks away sweat and breathes, and is also easily washed. Finally, I chose the best quality plastic available that allows contact with the phone if you want to change a song or answer calls.

In short, I did everything to make your next run much more pleasant and comfortable, so that you can concentrate on improving performance and not on an annoying strap on your arm :-)

I wish you a pleasant purchasing experience, and enjoyment of the product. I chose the highest quality materials and the highest quality suppliers, So you can be sure that the product will arrive at your home intact in a very quick time (usually two or three days).

If you enjoyed the product and service, I would appreciate it if you would also recommend it to friends and family, You probably know how challenging it is to establish new businesses in Israel, and even more so during the Corona period, any help would be welcome.

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Hofsport - a little about us